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A vintage and second-hand fashion online boutique based in Bristol, The Merz curates high-quality branded and unbranded womenswear to give it a second life, promote a circular approach to fashion consumption and to put the fun back into sustainable shopping. 

Our founder, Molly, has loved clothes, styling and trends since she can remember and working within the fashion industry was always her ultimate goal. A self-confessed shopaholic, and art and fashion history lover, like many millennials in the past five years, Molly has become interested in sustainability. As soon as the facts were plain and simple, Molly wanted to combine her love for clothes and shopping with an eco-friendly mindset - so The Merz was born! 

Curated & Kind

Kind to the planet, kind to your purse, and kind to others - these are three core values that encompass the Merz.

Each piece is hand-picked to accord with current trends as well as celebrating vintage fashion and craftsmanship. Supporting the belief that there is always a more environmentally friendly option.

Every garment is sold within scheduled “drops” and curated as part of a collection. This is completely against the “buy it now” disposable culture that is currently endemic within the fashion industry.
Plus, 10% of the sale from each collection will be going to charity. There are so many inspiring stories and charities that we would love to work with, so we figured rather than just choose one - let's choose a different charity each time. 

And, oh wait, there is more! 

All of our packaging is fully recyclable, reusable AND made from recycled / compostable materials. 

We Don’t Play By the Rules

There are three things we want to tackle within the fashion business: sustainability, idealism and gentrification.

We are tired of the unspoken rules of fast fashion companies. From the constant need to stay "on trend" to cultural appropriation, greenwashing, the pressure of perfection, the buy it now throwaway culture, and the use of exploitative labour. There are so many issues within the current fashion industry that we just don't like. 

Yet, judging individuals based on how they shop and what they buy is not what we are about either. 

 Our pieces are inspired by the current fashion and artistic trends, but by no means do we play by their rules? We are the friendly, welcoming, and all-accepting face in fashion, helping you shift to a more eco-friendly behavior-pattern but not punishing you when it's not possible.

You can find out more on our Ethics and Sustainability page to see our honest views on these all-important topics.

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