Introducing Our Next Charity: One 25

For our upcoming Primavera Prairie collection we have decided to donate 10% of each sale to One25!

One25 is a Bristol based women’s charity which helps some of the cities most marginalised women against trauma and crisis, helping them move towards an independent and happy life. The main issues that One25 tackle on a daily basis is housing, mental health, addiction, domestic violence, finances, the criminal justice system and sex-work. The Merz chose this charity because of how the Covid-19 pandemic has completely turned these women’s lives upside down even more, which is why the work that One25 are doing is so vital! 

One25 has been operating on a non-judgemental ethos since May 1995. Originally a once a week drop-in service at the Salvation Army, One25 had the aim to foster positive and emotionally productive relationships with women in the community. In January 1996, the charity moved to 125 Cheltenham Road, Bristol (hence its name), and the original consultative group was formed with representatives from the Bristol Drugs Project and BRI’s sexual health clinic. They also had a van which enabled them to start reaching out to women on the streets. Since their beginnings they have gone from strength to strength, winning numerous awards including Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, South West Impact Award, and National Ugly Star Project Award. Today, One25 continues to still be a pillar of Bristol’s women’s community, and it’s safe to say that the lives of many Bristolian women wouldn’t be the same without them. 

Image Courtesy of One25

Two of their amazing pieces of work that they do is the Pause Bristol and Peony Support Service. Pause Bristol was launched in 2017 to help women who have experienced the traumatic removal of children from their care. These women have also faced challenges of drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence and poor mental health. In the past, these women have been generally neglected and socially excluded from society, which is why Pause Bristol is paramount. 

The Peony Support Service is another integral service that One25 offers. Peony is a recovery service that helps women who still need support but aren’t in the situation where they need a crisis-led drop in service. These are therapeutic and wellbeing-focused workshops which include arts and crafts, cooking, budgeting, money skills, book clubs, employability, education, exercise and volunteering. All of these are designed to bring enjoyment to their lives, connect with others, boost their self-esteem and also cement them on the path to a happier life.

Image Courtesy of One25

The Covid-19 pandemic has particularly brought the issues of sex-work, domestic abuse, and the housing crisis to light. Every single person deserves the right to flourish and live within a stable safe environment, as well as make their own choices for how they choose to live their life. One25 have specifically adapted their services during the three lockdowns so their work can continue and most importantly that many women can feel safe. This includes:

  • A night outreach van offering a window service to women in street sex-work. 
  • A frontline casework team to always respond to emergencies.
  • Changing the drop in service, but also offering women medical provisions with BristolDoc and Unity Sexual Health
  • Continuing their Peony Support Service and Pause Bristol service.  

If you would like to privately donate to One25, you can do so here.

The Merz is honoured to work with this charity and to help these women in any way we can.

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