Ethics & Sustainability

You may at first think, if over-consumption is the problem, then why are we starting a new vintage fashion collection company that also promotes consumption?

We get it, the issue is nuanced, complex, and very deeply rooted - but we hope to alleviate some concerns, and follow a business model that is as sustainable as possible. Rest assured, we will always pursue the most sustainable option when presented with new evidence and facts!

Within the context of fashion, the best way to live a more sustainable lifestyle is to wear the clothes you already own and when you do want to treat yourself, buy a piece that is pre-loved. We wholeheartedly encourage both of these approaches by selecting pieces that fit within your existing wardrobe, can easily transition from winter through to summer, and are fun, well-made and celebrate vintage craftsmanship.

Addressing Gentrification in the Second Hand Business Sector

While the primary purpose of charity shops is to raise money for specific causes, we are also aware that businesses like ours may lead to increased prices in the charity sector, and therefore could disadvantage those who need to shop on a budget.

Below are some really helpful articles explaining the risk of gentrification within the second-hand fashion and sustainable fashion sector:

To reduce our individual impact, we commit to not sourcing our stock from charity shops or thrift shops. Yes, this will make our profit margin smaller, but it means that it does not directly contribute to the rise of prices in these shops. This is only the beginning, but we are flexible in our approach and will adopt new business practices as and when to also reduce our impact further.

We aim to price our items competitively with current high street fast fashion brands like ASOS, Topshop, Zara, and & Other Stories, as well as high-end high street fashion like Whistles, Reiss, and French Connection. This will make our pieces as affordable as we possibly can, but also imbues them with a sense of luxury, and an accepted standard of durability and longevity.

Our Sourcing

We source pieces that we believe are wearable history, collector’s items that can be worn and treasured for many years. There is genuine enjoyment and time spent in searching for our stock, as we simply are enchanted by fashion history! The very act of curating our pieces, along with the timed release of limited collections promotes mindful consumption rather than the all-too-familiar buy it quickly, wear it once, have an Instagram picture taken, throw it out.

A 10% percentage of each sale will go towards a charity that is chosen for each collection. Please suggest any charities that are close to your heart, we endeavor to choose small charities that are embedded within local communities to support people at a grassroot level.

Our Packaging

All of our packaging is, from the outset, both 100% recyclable and crafted from 100% recycled materials. We aim to have no single-use plastic in our packaging, whatsoever. And we encourage you to reuse the packaging too.

We also commit to offsetting our carbon emissions, choosing reputable couriers that have environmentally friendly policies within their company.

To put it simply, we are trying our very best to be an authentic and honest small independent brand and business, operating within the circular economy, whilst ensuring that we survive within a competitive market.

We are The Merz.

And we also want to hear from you!

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions. Please also do inform us of any ethics and sustainability practices that you feel we should be aware of and could incorporate into our business.

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